Some words shared by past True Story Works clients about their experiences (names kept anonymous). 

Watching the rough cut with my mom and her best friend about 6 weeks before she passed was a gift to both of us.

I recently watched it again and it was incredibly moving to hear her voice and even be able to laugh at some things that were just so ‘my mom!’ She was a huge part of our lives and this video is such a sweet treasure that brings her back to us in a way for which I am so grateful.

There’s nothing more priceless than sharing with my children and grandchildren what I’ve learned from my life. I wanted to leave something behind that I can’t put in my will.

At first blush, leaving a video legacy may seem to be a case of self-indulgence. The reality is, this is truly an obligation that we own to our children and grandchildren. I believe there is a joy to passing on, if we’ll only pass on our experiences.

Humaness is not something you can see, it’s something you have to feel. Working with Katherine has made me feel very human.

While working with Katherine, I realized how much healing wanted to happen.

There were so many cobwebs of shame and unforgiveness, and I didn’t know how to navigate that. When I began to remember my story and share it, I was able to forgive myself for binging/purging/self loathing… I didn’t realize how much shame I held around these stories. The EFT really helped with peeling the layers of shame and offering the forgiveness I needed to bring this work forward in the world. After sharing my story with body image/bulimia/eating, I feel this other level of safety continuing to open and I’m able to share these vulnerable places of myself.


By sharing my video publicly, others have [felt] permission to share their stories with me… it has opened up a “me too” phenomenon because so many people suffer with food shame in silence…I received so much feedback from the story I shared.


It’s also enhanced and strengthened my relationship with food and my body… I began menstruating after two sessions working with Kate. I hadn’t menstruated in one year and felt that as I was bringing breath to my story, I was also giving my body permission to relax and breath.

From the process to the product, working with Katherine has opened doors for me personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Having this video of Mom brings me so much comfort and joy knowing that after she has finished this journey, we will have an opportunity to hear her story, her history, her voice, and her laughter. That is a priceless gift. 

It has been 4 years since we lost our Dad. I have discovered that as much as his memory lives on with me every day, I have lost the essence of him. I would give anything to hear his voice, and hear him laugh, and hear his life story.


Katherine did an incredible job capturing my mom’s story.

It is so clear from the video that Katherine’s presence put my mom instantly at ease to share so many tidbits of knowledge, life experience and love.  All of that and more comes through in the video.

When my mom was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in March of 2013, one of my first thoughts was that I wanted to capture her spirit and her story in a tangible way that would live on for my family.

My story is one that isn’t often told.

The stories of birthparents (those who relinquish children for adoption) are so often unheard due to stigma and secrecy, which contributes to the creation of more stigma, more secrecy. I knew I wanted to be a part of interrupting that cycle but wasn’t sure how. Creating my own digital story opened the door for me to talk freely and openly about my experience, about what it means to be a birthmother.


Sharing the story of how I relinquished a child for adoption was such an empowering experience. Katherine midwifed me through the initial stages of embarrassment, the concerns about lighting, my shirt choice, the anxiety of the focused gaze of the camera. Her presence reassured for me the powerful need to share, breathe and birth the story of the how and why and so what of the experience. She let me talk, words tumbling over each other, held quiet space when the story needed it, and explored with open-hearted curiosity the places where I was unsure. Then, the co-creation of the video was another birth in itself, creating a solid object of my story to share with those I loved, with those who would never know me and those who were just meeting me.

Telling my story reminded me that I’m okay.

When I watched myself, I could see how I’m getting stronger.

Talking about my wartime stories had a calming and releasing factor.

The process of sharing and watching my story was good healing and therapeutic.

For Mom, I believe it was a wonderful process that stirred up so many memories and allowed her to reflect on what a rich and remarkable life she has had up to now. 

She told me how much fun it was to look through old photos, to share stories or her parents, aunt and uncle, children, grandchildren, friends, ex-husbands, the island. How the photos invoked so much that had been tucked away in her memory bank. She said several times that she felt at ease because Katherine asked the questions in such a wonderful way and the process created an environment that encouraged the sharing. The video is a true work of art. One that captures the essence of who she is in a way that nothing else can.


The story journey was perfect, and its perfections have and are still unfolding for me.

Now, many months later, I am deeply grateful to say

that because of the work we did together I can speak vividly and easily about how finding my friend after he took his own life has been a catalyst for ongoing positive transformation in my life. Storywork helped free me from the shame I felt around my experience as well as the shame I had around being foggy about my experience.

Doing the Story Journey has been a wonderful experience!

Katherine helped me take significant steps towards my therapeutic, artistic and spiritual goals. The quality of her listening, questions and feedback helped me to see my experience in a new light. She was an invaluable editor for the written version of my story and I believe that I owe the fact that it was published to her guidance.