Story Journeys


Are you moving through a significant life transition?


Is an old experience or pattern holding you back from living fully?


Are you ready to live your life of joy?


True Story Works (TSW) offers personal facilitation programs for women experiencing limiting life patterns, significant life transitions, ending relationships, illness, loss of a loved one, and life challenges due to old experiences around body image, abuse, abortion, and more. TSW offers a series of rich journeys that use your story as the gateway to moving beyond limiting perceptions, shame, confusion, and fear and into a life of embodying truth, freedom, and clarity. Through the unique integration of video storytelling, mindfulness practices, and somatic release techniques you are guided to uncover your wisdom and own your power. The TSW coaching series is for women who are ready to see themselves and their lives anew, to offer their truth to others, and step into their life of joy!


TSW is a journey that uses your story as a gateway to discovering the awareness that you already have by:


  • the Hero’s Journey framework
  • the power of video storytelling
  • visualization and mindfulness tools
  • and somatic release techniques


And allowing you to access…

  • Unrecognized wisdom and awareness. When we feel “stuck” in one phase of our journey, repeating patterns over and over again, it may be because we haven’t fully integrated life discoveries from previous experiences. TSW is a powerful modality for you if you have an untold story around relationships or old experiences from which you’re ready to break free.
  • Unique gifts and passions. TSW is a beneficial journey for illuminating your gifts and passions and where your bliss exists!
  • Completion of a life phase or significant relationship. It is vital to integrate and share the discoveries of a major life phase or relationship, so that we can transition into a new life phase with freedom, empowerment, and freshness. TSW is highly beneficial for you if you’re experiencing divorce, the end of a job, loss of a loved one, etc.


Which enables you to experience greater:

  • freedom from limiting patterns and beliefs
  • self-discovery and personal insight
  • awareness of gifts and passion
  • sense of connection or purpose in community
  • personal empowerment and confidence
  • completion or closure of a life phase or relationship
  • overall joy, freedom, and clarity to create the life you love and desire


The simple, yet powerful, story coaching process:

Initial ConsultationTelling your StoryWatching your StorySharing your Story

Initial Consultations are a gift to you.

Clients receive a 40-minute consultation to determine how the True Story Works process can benefit you embodying your freedom and joy!

Remember. Reflect. Reframe.

Before telling your story, you’ll identify your core intention and your primary guiding question for our time together. Every journey must begin with a question and a clear intention! From this framework, you’ll identify the story that wants to be told; you’ll tell and video-record your story in full. As you tell your story, you’ll be guided with somatic release, visualizations, and mindfulness techniques, so that you may reframe beliefs that are embedded in the story. You’ll receive journal prompts to keep the unfolding process alive between sessions.
Telling Your Story

Witness. Rewire. Release.

This phase enhances the discovery and reframing of the storytelling process. By watching your own video story, you’ll see yourself and your story in more dynamic ways than ever imagined. You’ll receive journal prompts and templates that guide you in uncovering story wisdom and limiting storylines. With guidance in somatic release techniques, you’ll continue to rewire old patterns that emerge. This is a powerful step for expanding self-insight and shifting perceptions that no longer serve you or your life.
Watching the Story

Recraft. Offer. Celebrate!

In this final phase, you’ll choose the aspects of your story that are necessary to share, and the medium in which to share it, so that you may fully realize the core intention you set at the beginning of the journey. You might share parts of your video story or re-craft your story in a whole new way. You might share it with 2 people or 200, but the important thing is that you do share it so you can be witnessed and celebrated in your truth and gifts. This phase allows you to offer your discoveries to others; completing the cycle of your journey, so you may step forward into a fresh beginning.
Sharing Your Story


Choose the True Story Works Program* that’s right for you:


Returning Home to You

This program is the full journey of identifying, telling, watching, rewiring, re-crafting, and sharing your story. This is a fully guided process that is approximately 9-12 sessions over the course of 2.5 months. During our time together, you are completely supported to use your story as a portal for self-awareness and transformation with simple and highly effective tools of somatic release, mindfulness practice, and story craft.

Benefits include:

  • Free 40-minute initial consultation
  • 9-12 in-depth sessions (1.5-2.5 hrs. each)
  • Coaching in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), to use during sessions and on your own
  • Audio recording of guided mindfulness practice specific to story craft
  • Complete coaching support during and between sessions (i.e., email and phone) for the duration of the 2.5 months
  • Journaling templates



Gathering the Wisdom

This program is the in-depth practice of identifying, telling, watching, and rewiring your story. This process has a heightened focus on releasing patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you or your life. This rich process is approximately 5-6 sessions over the course of 1.5 months. During our time together, you are supported in seeing yourself and your life in a whole new way, through the practices of video storytelling, somatic release, mindfulness, and visualization modalities.


Benefits include:

  • Free 40-minute initial consultation
  • 5-6 in-depth sessions (1.5-2.5 hrs each)
  • Coaching in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), to use during sessions and on your own
  • Audio recording of guided mindfulness practice specific to story craft
  • Complete coaching support during and between sessions (i.e., phone and email) for the duration of 1.5 months
  • Journaling templates



Saying Yes to the Call

This program is a powerful foundation for identifying and releasing patterns, beliefs, and storylines that are holding you back from embodying the most radiant and alive you! In 4 sessions, you will be coached and guided in the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), a somatic and emotional release modality that is an incredible tool for anyone desiring transformation. After four sessions, you’ll be ready to use EFT on your own, when necessary.

Benefits include:

  • Free 30-minute initial consultation
  • 4 in-depth sessions (1 hr each)
  • EFT support video



*Note: These programs are not substitutes for traditional therapy. The TSW process is a powerful supplement and support for those who are currently seeking other therapeutic modalities or those who wish to enhance and awaken their current quality of life. I happily work with therapists and other practitioners to support all clients in their journey to joy, truth, and self-discovery. Please let me know if you have a current therapeutic team and need special arrangements.