MediaMakers Workshop

What if media and technology could be the tool to help young people…

  • uncover their own stories?
  • explore their unique place in the world?
  • deepen their potential and passion?


True Story Works teams up with Awen Productions to offer conscious media-making workshops for young men and women, where they discover:

  • How to give voice to their own powerful stories
  • How to effectively and consciously listen and witness others’ stories
  • How to use the technology they already have to produce and edit meaningful and powerful digital and video stories to share with the world


Are you a not-for-profit, youth program, or school looking for an innovative way to empower youth voices, while tracking program success? We work with not-for-profit organizations and schools in Colorado and beyond!


Check out a sample of videos created in our recent workshop with the BoldLeaders international youth leadership program. Participants in the 3-week exchange program were asked to make a short video story charting an insight or personal shift from the program.



Catalina, Bahamas



Do You Really Know Me? Woman Behind the Mask…

Kimberly, Bahamas



Being Bold: My Journey

Safiya, Trinidad and Tobago