A Lucky Life (Dot’s Story)

Dot says that she’s had a lucky life. 


But when you hear her stories and spend time with this quiet,

light-hearted lady, you get a different sense…


It’s not about luck.

She’s a master of magic, just by being who she is. 


Here’s what I mean… 


She sky dives (in her eighties).

She Harley rides (in her eighties).

She cross stitches 3-7 hrs each day, and has earned awards at the county fair for her amazing pieces.

She gardens with a John Deere tractor (no wimpy lawn mowers here, folks).

She made a hole-in-one during her golfing days and won oodles of golfing awards.

She banked $100,000 playing the lottery a few years ago.

And she just recently went on her first white water rafting trip!


Oh ya, she knows how to keep up.


A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being with her and capturing her Treasure Story legacy.


Dot’s kids, who’ve already lost their dad, wanted to get on film the memories and unique magic of their mom.


She’s a pretty special lady and they know it!



So, what’s her secret?


After all, she’s 86, but is doing things that most people can’t manage in their 20s!


“Just keep going,” she told me, nonchalantly.

“Have something to wake up for in the morning. If you don’t use it you lose it… pretty basic.”



When I asked her if she has wisdom for us youngsters, she said:


  1. Finish what you start
  2. Keep active
  3. Follow the Golden Rule


She talks about her life as being “a thing of beauty and a joy forever.”

And you can feel it in everything she does.





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