Love with Evelyn (Dick’s Story)

Dick is a 91 year old gift to the world!


I saw him for the first time while I was setting up for a workshop called

“Telling Stories with Photographs,”

at a local Brookedale retirement community, where he lives.


As I was futzing with the computer,

he walked in and sat down to tie his shoe,

mumbling to himself about slippery shoe laces.


I immediately noticed a tattoo on his right arm.

I couldn’t make out the image before he left,

but marveled at seeing an older gentleman with ink!




About a half hour later, he joined a few others in the workshop.


When I asked him about his arm, he pulled up his sleeve and said,

 “It’s a hula girl. Got it when I was stationed in Hawaii during the war.”

“Wow,” I said.

“Ya, she’s old enough to get social security, now.”

We all laughed hard.


His light-heartedness and sincerity are rivaled only by the love that he has for his late wife, Evelyn.




As he shared stories about the pictures in his albums,

I was captivated by the pure magic of what he and Evelyn had together:


One first date….

led to pen-paling during WWII

followed by a spontaneous wedding

(despite Evelyn getting stuck in a train car in Wyoming for five days on her way to get hitched),

which was blessed by a rare Californian snow storm.



A few weeks later, I went back and captured his love story on film (below!).


Dick shared about what makes love last —  namely, trust.

And he told me about his secret to being so vital at 91– not worrying about what you can’t change.


His story is heartwarming, with good wisdom to live by, from a man who has lived and loved enough to know… 




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