Live from the Heart (Maya Moon’s Stories)

“It’s time for us to gather together and re-weave that beautiful web of connection…”



Naomi-Hands in Flower Bath

Across time and culture, the Wise Woman has been the great weaver of healing traditions, oral recollections, rites of passages, and sacred ceremony.


Naomi-Flower Bath


The Wise Woman, or “Wombyn” as some call her today, fiercely loves the sanctity of all Life. She honors the inherent cycles of Birth and Death and is utterly devoted to Truth.





This summer, I had the honor of creating video with Naomi Love of Maya Moon Healing Arts, a true Wise Woman.


She has over 20 years of study and practice, carrying the tools and techniques of ancient and contemporary healing lineages.


Despite her rich and comprehensive studies, she says it’s not about the modalities.


“So many people are modality-focused. But what I’ve found after seeing thousands of clients, is it’s not about the modalities. It’s about meeting whatever is present.”





And this presence is palpable in everything Maya Moon.


Outside the healing arts temple, a verdant garden grows; plants and flowers have been seeded sacredly, for use as allies in individual sessions and ceremony.


Inside, soft smoke curls around tinctures and flower essences, drums, feathers, singing bowls, and rough cut stones.


You get the sense that everything has its place and use; and it’s all just waiting for you to arrive as you are.


Naomi-Client Pic


Naomi has a wide and varied breadth of offerings: retreats, apprenticeships, individual sessions, and consultations.


Yet her reminder is a simple one…


“It’s not about getting to retirement. It’s not about getting there,” she says.


“It’s about this moment and this time and how do we live this life, now?”



And her invitation? Even simpler…


Live from the Heart.


See for yourself here!


And stay tuned for more Maya Moon videos and stories…



Until then, your stories matter. Which ones are you sharing?

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