Life is Sentimental (John’s Story)



There’s a lot about life that is sentimental, that we don’t recognize. I think in not having that recognition, you miss a lot of what I think life can really be about. The real enjoyment one can have.

I recently had the pleasure of filming John Peterson’s legacy story.

He graciously let me share his pictures, words, and video clips from his 1.5 hour film.


John has four grandchildren, who are still too young to fully appreciate the wild adventures and sincere messages of their “Papou.”


“At this age, you start thinking about what it is that you’re leaving behind,” John says.


He wanted to leave his grandkids something that can’t be put in a will.

Something captured in a medium that they could connect with when they’re older.



So, John and I met several times, in his beautiful home in Boulder, to film his legacy piece.


Over the course of our time together, he shared about:

◊ The emigration of his Greek parents to the US in the early 1900s;

◊ The hot roast beef sandwiches and warm pie served at his father’s restaurant in Nebraska… which the KKK attempted to shut down on account of his father’s Greek heritage;

◊ The death of his sister during childhood and the warm embrace of Mrs. Boulos, their Syrian neighbor;

Feeding rabbits, being the odd one out, school elections, adventures at North Western University;

◊ And the journey of finding oneself through career and family.

When all was said and done, John’s piece was 1.5 hours of life stories, photos, and personalized messages to kids and grandkids.


Amidst the memories and messages, John shared some of the insights that he’s gained in life.


Here are John’s top pearls of wisdom:


◊ Listen to your gut.

He told stories of big life decisions that he made in life because he thought he “should,” even though it didn’t feel quite right. He cautions: when you have a big choice in front of you, make sure that your head and your gut are in agreement, otherwise you might get yourself in a pickle.


 Do the best you can.

Be the best you can be. If you’re the best you can be, you won’t have any regrets in life and you won’t have a need to compare yourself to others. You owe it to yourself to be the best version of you.


◊ Acknowledge what makes other people special. 

This life motto emanates from John in all he does and in his stories. He emphasizes the importance of drawing the best out of others; putting a smile on every face. “This is what we owe to each other,” he says.


Many thanks to John for opening his home and heart, and for offering his stories and messages to the ones he loves.



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