Treasure Stories

Adventures in Labrador (Roscoe’s story)

Ros is a bright-eyed, compassionate gentleman whose eagerness for sharing stories is infectious.    When I first met him, I was offering a small workshop called “Telling Stories with Pictures” at a local Brookedale retirement community, where he lives.   Arms filled with framed pictures, he was the first to walk into the room, asking, “So, did you want to see… Read more →

A Lucky Life (Dot’s Story)

Dot says that she’s had a lucky life.  But when you hear her stories and spend time with this quiet, light-hearted lady, you get a different sense…   It’s not about luck. She’s a master of magic, just by being who she is.    Here’s what I mean…    She sky dives (in her eighties). She Harley rides (in her… Read more →

Life is Sentimental (John’s Story)

    There’s a lot about life that is sentimental, that we don’t recognize. I think in not having that recognition, you miss a lot of what I think life can really be about. The real enjoyment one can have. I recently had the pleasure of filming John Peterson’s legacy story. He graciously let me share his pictures, words, and video clips… Read more →