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Live from the Heart (Maya Moon’s Stories)

“It’s time for us to gather together and re-weave that beautiful web of connection…”     Across time and culture, the Wise Woman has been the great weaver of healing traditions, oral recollections, rites of passages, and sacred ceremony.     The Wise Woman, or “Wombyn” as some call her today, fiercely loves the sanctity of all Life. She honors the inherent… Read more →

Adventures in Labrador (Roscoe’s story)

Ros is a bright-eyed, compassionate gentleman whose eagerness for sharing stories is infectious.    When I first met him, I was offering a small workshop called “Telling Stories with Pictures” at a local Brookedale retirement community, where he lives.   Arms filled with framed pictures, he was the first to walk into the room, asking, “So, did you want to see… Read more →