Purpose Story

Live from the Heart (Maya Moon’s Stories)

“It’s time for us to gather together and re-weave that beautiful web of connection…”     Across time and culture, the Wise Woman has been the great weaver of healing traditions, oral recollections, rites of passages, and sacred ceremony.     The Wise Woman, or “Wombyn” as some call her today, fiercely loves the sanctity of all Life. She honors the inherent… Read more →

A Listening Touch (LauraRose’s video)

“I try to use my hands like highly sensitive tools,” LauraRose says.   At the beginning of each session, once a client is on her table, she starts by listening.   “Of course, I’m listening to what they’re saying, but I’m listening to their body…   I’m trying to sense what’s happening in the physical body, the lymphatic system, the cerebral… Read more →

Beyond Bulimia: The Wisdom Gained (Paris Latka’s Story)

Paris Latka is an eating psychology coach, nutritionist, therapeutic chef, and yoga teacher. Over the course of 9 months, True Story Works supported Paris in exploring her story with bulimia.   Paris stepped into the Transformational Story Journey in order to share the struggles and wisdom that came from having an eating disorder during her teenage and young adult years.   Despite having… Read more →