Kate Mullin

Live from the Heart (Maya Moon’s Stories)

“It’s time for us to gather together and re-weave that beautiful web of connection…”     Across time and culture, the Wise Woman has been the great weaver of healing traditions, oral recollections, rites of passages, and sacred ceremony.     The Wise Woman, or “Wombyn” as some call her today, fiercely loves the sanctity of all Life. She honors the inherent… Read more →

A Listening Touch (LauraRose’s video)

“I try to use my hands like highly sensitive tools,” LauraRose says.   At the beginning of each session, once a client is on her table, she starts by listening.   “Of course, I’m listening to what they’re saying, but I’m listening to their body…   I’m trying to sense what’s happening in the physical body, the lymphatic system, the cerebral… Read more →

Love with Evelyn (Dick’s Story)

Dick is a 91 year old gift to the world!   I saw him for the first time while I was setting up for a workshop called “Telling Stories with Photographs,” at a local Brookedale retirement community, where he lives.   As I was futzing with the computer, he walked in and sat down to tie his shoe, mumbling to himself about… Read more →

Adventures in Labrador (Roscoe’s story)

Ros is a bright-eyed, compassionate gentleman whose eagerness for sharing stories is infectious.    When I first met him, I was offering a small workshop called “Telling Stories with Pictures” at a local Brookedale retirement community, where he lives.   Arms filled with framed pictures, he was the first to walk into the room, asking, “So, did you want to see… Read more →

A Lucky Life (Dot’s Story)

Dot says that she’s had a lucky life.  But when you hear her stories and spend time with this quiet, light-hearted lady, you get a different sense…   It’s not about luck. She’s a master of magic, just by being who she is.    Here’s what I mean…    She sky dives (in her eighties). She Harley rides (in her… Read more →

A Porch and a Pie (Ester’s story)

Ester Crossman Knight has lived on the small Maine island, Chebeague, for close to 30 years.     While recording her legacy story, Ester shared with me how her family came to Chebeague, stories of her nursing career, and the sparkling memories of sailing, raising five kids, and having two marriages.   Here are a few short clips from time with… Read more →

Life is Sentimental (John’s Story)

    There’s a lot about life that is sentimental, that we don’t recognize. I think in not having that recognition, you miss a lot of what I think life can really be about. The real enjoyment one can have. I recently had the pleasure of filming John Peterson’s legacy story. He graciously let me share his pictures, words, and video clips… Read more →