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Katherine’s Story

In May of my senior year of high school, my best friend and I stood in front of our community, screening our intimate, personal video stories. Stories that most people in our small town had known about, but no one spoke aloud. 

Together, we had spent the year completing a school assignment, which had alchemized into a rich, whole-hearted journey exploring the story of father and daughter. We had huddled in corners of our bedrooms, sharing stories about the struggles and heart-ache with our own fathers. We had interviewed therapists. We had journaled about the wisdom that we had gathered. And we captured the whole journey on video. 

Standing in that packed community room – in front of mothers, fathers, friends, and teachers that had known me since before I could spell my name – I watched my community view my own intimate process. I let my heart be witnessed by all other hearts, openly and truthfully, for the first time. Read the full version of that story here

That vulnerability, connection, and freedom was like nothing I had ever felt, and it percolated for years.

After college and teaching for a few years, I went to graduate school to follow the call to explore the transformative power of personal stories and video.

In graduate school, I studied and discovered the transformation that happens when people tell their stories on video and then watch the story. It was here that I also deepened my own spiritual and healing practices.

After school, I began weaving together video storytelling, videography, and transformational modalities to create the True Story Works offerings.

And now, I am immensely blessed to support others in the powerful journey of sharing and awakening stories…


Life is a story. You are the storyteller. Which story will you tell today?



  • M.A., medical anthropology, University of Colorado Denver
  • Certified Digital Storytelling Facilitator, The Center for Digital Storytelling
  • Emotional Freedom Technique Training, Dhyana Rose, Master of Holistic Healing
  • Holistic Health & Wellness Certification, Dhyana Rose, Master of Holistic Healing
  • Reiki Certified I, II, III
  • Shamanic training, Sacred Hoops Ministry (Modules included: Death and Dying and Soul Retrieval)
  • Facilitator of Nonviolence, The Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence
  • “Writing Healing Stories” training module, Susan Perrow