Are you ready for a journey of self-discovery?

Awaken the story that wants to be told.

We use the following tools to support you in identifying, awakening, and rewiring your story:

  • Video-recording
  • Mindfulness and visualization techniques
  • Somatic release techniques
  • The hero’s journey framework

Uncover your awareness and release your fear.

Through the story process, you’ll:

  • Uncover your wisdom and limiting storylines
  • Rewire old patterns and perceptions keeping you stuck
  • See your beauty and power in ways never imagined!

Offer your discoveries and embody your joy!

With support and guidance, you’ll recraft your story and prepare to offer it to others. The offering is the completion of your story journey, enabling you to step forward into a fresh, joyful beginning!



In coaching and workshop settings, True Story Works guides women and young women, who are experiencing life transition, limiting patterns, and painful endings, on transformative story journeys to claim their beauty, truth, and joy.


“It is so clear from the video that Kate’s presence put my mom instantly at ease

to share so many tidbits of knowledge, life experience and love. All of that and more comes through in the video.”

Personal Story Coaching with Katherine MullinWatching the Story

“Kate let me talk, words tumbling over each other,

held quiet space when the story needed it, and explored with open-hearted curiosity the places where I was unsure. Then, the co-creation of the video was another birth in itself, creating a solid object of my story to share with those I loved, with those who would never know me and those who were just meeting me.” … more Testimonials